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if mibr won that game vs ence, this would have been a much better final, liquid would have still won, but fer fallen or taco can single-handedly win a round, wouldnt have been 16-2 x2 lol
100 thieves
kng wont last a month with him and controversies
top20 2019
NAF not in the top 10? 1.40something rating in blast LA and t3 in liquid and not in even in the top 20?
Liquid vs Cloud9
Could be a good game, imagine this new c9 roster making it to finals on their 1st event together Pog
Natus Vincere vs NiP
Rez is not on his lvl, dont think anyone in the league really is, but he is a world class player know for his aim, this will be a good duel.
Liquid vs NRG
Oh baby, this gon be good
Best AWP Skin
between asiimov and dlore, dlore dlore v medusa, medusa medusa v neo noir, neo noir #1 awp skin neo noir and my favorite in the whole game
G2 vs Liquid
with that win over astralis, no way they lose over mouz. though g2 is looking good so idk if nrg could win, should be a great final either way.
G2 vs Liquid
Nrg vs Liquid is possible YEEEEEEEEESss
C9 fixed
rush has shown he can be top NA player but lately, uhhhhhhhh. auti has to stay 100%, one of those players that do everything, unreplaceable and the rest of the team, well fuck them who cares
AMERICAN ERA ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
its everone's era at this point, full NA team at #1, french team winning tier 1 events, and furia looking really good
konfig is their star player, his stock must be worth alot i bet
North vs FURIA
Battle of logos The lions vs pumas
Wrong side Youtube
proof..... school project research