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Fox to play for SK soon
Fox this Fox that. Fangays here and Haters there. Fek off all of you. Get a life. Fox makes money either way. No need to be getting offensive about this topic. Wdf caresssss omg. Go outside
Not turquish but I can hop in. Lets gooo
Rallen cant talk much xD he looks like a dumb fuking goat
y hate on muslims?
Some muslims are bad people, but I don't believe every single one is.. just like other religious people! There are scums and there are good ones.
How Bad is your country?
At least you have some.. better than nothing m8 :)
getting a bong worth it?
Don't, stick to joints. It really sucks. I don't like it.
true crime
Nah, most of us have lifes.. jk gl and enjoy watching ur series.
[18+] cutest pornstars?
Y u talking like that about my wife? When u get home your in real trouble son !
Spirit vs Kinguin
Property vs Kinguin
yeah probably, but has I said I am not a fanboy. If there is quemistry between players and good gameplay (calls and tactics) it will work, even if the team is new. The problem was the language barrier...
Property vs Kinguin
yeah thats all you can say when you have no more arguments xD Sad boy.
Property vs Kinguin
They played shit in their first game because of something called ENGLISH you retard. This new lineup is full Poland players. Nobody has to speak English. When u have a multiple country player team tha...
Asterion vs Kinguin
dude, I fuking know how much TaZ has conquer in cs scene. But he is slowly becoming bad. And he is really overated. In VP, TaZ wasn't that good comparing to other members. And yeah I do like fox and I...
Asterion vs Kinguin
this kinguin lineup even worse than the previous one. Thank god mut and fox got traded by Taz and those pride nabs xD TaZ will slowly be forgotten.
Property vs Kinguin
time, time, time xD Always the same answer! They are playing Team Property dude. They are like tier 6 xD This lineup is just worse than the previous one. Glad to see this change tho!