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mouz.s1mple or sk.s1mple
HUNDEN >>>>> Simple
mouz.s1mple or sk.s1mple
exactly, he may be allowed to play cs:go or any follow up game in a few years when humanity is ready for him to compete
mouz.s1mple or sk.s1mple
ChrisJ come here
i feel like everytime they play against fnatic they choose Train and loose
SS Top 5 2018???
thats why they needed to disband. Too much TK
SS Top 5 2018???
I thought they disband in 1945?
“Overrated” on your language
Mouz-Navi maps
Mousesports is the best Team on Mirage right now, i dont see Navi winning on Mirage against mouse.
Mouz-Navi maps
Alright thanks for the info. Looks like navi gonna ban Cache first round
Shittiest Languages?
well, you do know that muslims collaborated with the nazi regime? And that Hitler was a huge admirer of the muslim religion/culture due to their hate of jews. So calling him a nazi who wants to kill m...
Mouz-Navi maps
why should navi ban Cache on first ban round? Mouz is not to eager to play on cache either.
Mouz-Navi maps
im not saying they will, but navi should consider it.
Mousesports fan
Now you try to lure me further into madness. Where did i say that ECS finals are > Major? You just tried to do a conversation about a topic, that wasnt even there. Have a nice day
Mousesports fan
Good for you, but you replied to my comment regarding the ECS Finals by asking "Major?".
Mousesports fan
you are clearly misinformed. It was 2-1, both maps faze won were in overtime. So no cleansweep sir