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Best IGL of 2020
Im the best igl. And im to good to play pro. Gaben told me if you GO pro the other teams Will dispand. Your skill is to good. So i Just told Gaben, its ok. But only if you Will make a New half life. H...
csgo fps
Stable at 600. Dont know whats wrong with your pc
Advice Youtube channels
Offtheranch COOL gut with a lot of projects. Linus, stonemounten, Tim. So many
He is probably bores AS fuck og the game. Played the game Lil 10k hrs. Ofc cs is boring then
Faze still need a IGL.
FAZE ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
The frags in a team depends ON the role you have. Rain is luring now like olof. Now he is low fragger. Just how IT is
Fav Youtubers
Linustechtips and vanos gaming
cs go is not a individual game.. its a team game... so yes. i can compere him with s1mple. simple is a godlike clutch player all time. and probably the best player that have touch cs go.. but the team...
cs is more than just fragging ;) one of the best teamplay.. information is key.. playing so other player play better. thats how olof is a insane player. n...
olof is still one of the best palyer that have touch cs go.. but pepole for get fast.. he was not like s1mple good. but cs is way more than fragging. but he did not come back afte injury sadly
with a IGL with 10 IQ they cant win any tier 1 match evver. it was not olofs fault that they did not win .. I dont understand why they did bring in Cold and not a propper igl.. it`s just retarded fr...
Your faceit kd?
No one have better kd than me litle kid
Your faceit kd?
I have never died in cs. Beat that
-olof +Fallen
nope.. but i belive olof will leave after major.. not shure but.. and im a olof fan.. i dont know why olof is not preforming. maby the role he have, maby his injury.. maby 2 old.. maby not motivated. ...
FaZe ZywOo still possible.
Zywooo is overated and will not go to faze.. the whole team bated for him to get top frags. thats not how faze want to play.