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USA school shooting
didnt see that coming
Coldzera 0.70 K/D
ive never said ''ferGOD number 1 '' get your facts right. even if a opinion is ''retarded'' it should be accepted. Why would you overpay for something If you can just go to the store and get it on a...
Coldzera 0.70 K/D
KFC bucket cost less than a oil barrel in his country. Does matter if the oil barrel doesnt cost as much compared to others. Hes over paying. So before insulting some one, try to think before you spea...
Coldzera 0.70 K/D
In his country might not be, but in some others are. I doubt KFCManager lives in United Arab Emirates. So before insulting some one, try to think before you speak qt
Coldzera 0.70 K/D
smartness is indeed something you cant buy
Coldzera 0.70 K/D
youre over paying by quite a lot
Gym question
Depending on how ''experienced/used-to'' you are, you should only 1 day off. in a week. Personally the day after I do biceps it really fkin hurts, so maybe do triceps instead, or maybe you ain such a ...
he doesnt have ''Electronic Sports Professional Player for SK Gaming'' on is instagram like fer cold and boltz. It can happen. but it wont cuz TACO = coldzera
Gym question
youre not making it consistent tho. *1 day off a week- good *you only add 1 muscle group per day. Why do that when you can work out multiple times a day and multiple muscle groups a day. (ik chest an...
Gym question
you make something simple so complex. Just lift weights and burn more calories than you consume. simple
WESG irrelevant
+1 DHM Marseilee real major
Do you still watch ESL pro league?
mm I was ferGOD, does it count
Big Announcement - NaA
Is your name acc Hu and youre 17 or its just fiction?
Big Announcement - NaA
May 23 682 A.C
Big Announcement - NaA
Indeed, ill be reading it, and if I dont see Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga being mentioned in your book ill be very, VERY disappointed with you NotAvailableAnymore_com.