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Israel is the greatest Middle East country
You don't know because you're ignorant... Israel was created in the end of the Second World War for the Jews live and because of that the muslisms that were living there were expelled without any faul...
link ur fav song ever
G2 playoff
Smithzz is not that bad... Ok he is that bad.... But.... Are Jackz and Lucky better? I don't really know because I had never seen them playing
Lisbon Tournament
Portugal was considered the best country for holidays 2 years in a row (2017/2018) Against facts there's no arguments
kpop will be mainstream music in 2022
kpop will be mainstream music in 2022
I'm not gonna listen that
kpop will be mainstream music in 2022
If that happens it will be the worst moment ever for the music world, anyways, Rock Is Life
Kpop > NA Pop
Sorry mister technology, ordinary people use Spotify, not everyone can be like you
Kpop > NA Pop
Only a band that is in leaders board on Spotify
Kpop > NA Pop
Queen have more than 33 million monthly listeners on Spotify, that's more than every kpop band and more than a lote of EU POP, NA POP, Funk.... ROCK WILL NEVER DIE
Learn English
English classes, in Portugal English is compulsory during obligatory schooling (12 years). This is one of the reasons why the Portuguese are excellent polyglots.
5 dangerous cities in your country
+ Cacém
In my opinion, the problem is not believing in a God, is the people that commad the religion. Why would God want us to go to church? People are being controlled and manipulated there... Instead of go ...
Believe in yourself and in humanity, believe in what you really know that exists
i7 9700k
I wouldn't buy it, even here, with 500€ I would save it to buy a better laptop for University