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I guess your IQ
109 for some countries but 90 is still too dumb for Europe.
I guess your IQ
Would you rather be? 1.Low IQ Rich and Happy 2.High IQ Poor and Sad 3. Average IQ Working and Content
What does this have to do with what I've said?
32 or 64 slots battleroyale?
Easily fixable in source. Also who needs prone you camper? Pubg mechanics are trash but ppl still play it.
And if you come back disabled or die in war the same women would just marry whoever won the war cause they see him as stronger protector for them. Women use men for their own benifit and then discard ...
Ukraine vs Russia
Stop.this shit. Counties in Europe have borders that don't change if they change we get war again all over again. Before EU Europe had a war every 30 years now it peace but that can change if stupid n...
32 or 64 slots battleroyale?
To on community battleroayle on busy day they get over 30ppl in HUGE map
32 or 64 slots battleroyale?
coplains about fps again cause can't afford better cpu as usual
32 or 64 slots battleroyale?
But pubg engine is garbage. They really need a competent team to recreate that game in another engine cause my brand new gaming rig is only getting 50fps but it feels like 20.
32gb vs 16gb
Most systems 16gb is fine but video editing or servers need a shitton more memory
32 or 64 slots battleroyale?
Really i have seen far far better csgo battleroyale maps 5x bigger then this shit on community servers
32 or 64 slots battleroyale?
Stfu dupa
Navi Solution
Win major