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1337HUANIA vs Skinlordz
How old is earth?
It’s less then 10000 years old. Who knows how long Adam was in eden.
why poland best
Nt but nobody here polishes anything any longer. Were no longer ya shoeshiners.
Any reason how he died?
Ukraine come here
Im not sure why you compare Belarus with Ukraine. In fact in Belarus there are no Universities that teach in Belarusian and Russian thugs intimidate their language teachers. Belarus will probably ceas...
What a programmed answer. It's almost as if you people have the same hive mind. I've researched evolution and science for the last decade trying to see the truth. I am close minded because I don't bel...
Keep believing the same lies they sell you there are now dozens of fake degrees. One of the most fake is human evolutionary biologist. They first assume evolutionary theory is true and try to find and...
2019 Majors
1 Major somewhere in USA 1st Major in CIS?
Dudebro Joe Rogan needs to grow up and stop making fun of Christian Religion. He calls himself smart ape and thinks that drugs are why we evolve. His pseudo crackpot scientist worship and lack of fait...
why poland best
+1 Polanski best construction workers. My house survive tornado and snowstorm!
Ukraine come here
Tbh both Ukraine and Russia has Nationalist group's but Ukraine is justified and Russia is not. Ill give you an example. When Ukraine wants to create an Language Law for ethnic 90% East Ukrainians to ...
minmum wage?
How much money do you people need? Everyone here still lives with their parents. Freaking Lawyers with 150k and Mercedes Benz still think they don't have enough. Be happy with little and you will be r...
Are you a productive guy?
Help your parents out. Spread the Gospel. Do good and God will reward you. Don't you want a reward?
Red Bull > Monster
Redbull is bad for heart. It's okay if you drink it once a while but if you drink it daily you will die of heart failure
$100,000,000 fortnite
Eat your heart out Dota