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Gale Force vs Isurus
Yes i won 2 or 3 per day i start with 2 keys and y that momment have 172bets won 30loses
Gale Force vs Isurus
Ty isurus finally i get 1knife :)
Nexus vs duttdutt
iGm killed GAME with ak47 (headshot) iGm killed huggan with ak47 iGm planted the bomb (1on2) huggan killed r1d3r with ak47 iGm killed SKYTTEN with ak47 SKYTTEN killed BTN with m4a1 SKYTTEN killed jaxi...
Nexus vs duttdutt
Nt xellow your teammates are so really bad :/
Nexus vs duttdutt
Nexus vs duttdutt
Round over - Winner: CT (5-2) - Enemy eliminated iGm killed SKYTTEN with awp iGm killed huggan with awp huggan killed XELLOW with ak47 iGm killed GAME with usp_silencer iGm killed perzon with usp_sile...
mousesports vs Heroic
Lul mouz in 2k17
Tainted Minds vs Kings
ofc the king of kings this guy save my 280$
Tainted Minds vs Kings
go sico v:
Tainted Minds vs Kings
idk why kings lose this shit all times get 2 firts kills and lose 3 vs 5 on 4 rounds..
NiP vs HellRaisers
i believe on my daddy f0restw0w
Invictus vs ViCi
Round over - Winner: T (13-14) - Enemy eliminated 1n0ry killed tb???? with ak47 (headshot) 1n0ry killed zhokiNg???? with ak47 1n0ry killed aumaNACTIIIMOTTE with ak47 tb???? killed Sp1nach:D with fives...
Æe killed L?J with awp L?J killed Xiaoy1eE with ak47 Xiaoy1eE planted the bomb (2on1) Æe killed Qin?Invincible with awp Æe killed ????? with awp Æe killed babylistener with awp Æe killed V!vA with awp...
uya is a shit random team :s
Misfits vs Splyce
Round over - Winner: CT (0-4) - Enemy eliminated MSF.ShahZaM killed Splyce roca with deagle (headshot) MSF.ShahZaM killed Splyce Semphis with deagle Splyce roca killed MSF.SicK with ak47 MSF.ShahZaM k...