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Lucas1, kng and hen1 didn't come in time, presumeably due to partying. This made them forfeit map 1, giving north a 1-0 lead, only having to win cobblestone to win the final
Official ( TOP 10 )
They made it to the finals of the first t1 tournament in like 1.5 months and now it looks as though they'll make it to the finals of dreamhack montreal. I think it's deserved for north, atleast if you...
Haven't play for about 2 years
Was kicked from c9
Autimatic 4k Deagle hs
Best deagle player confirmed
VP fix
They keep paying them 20k a month. The boss doesn't seem to care that much
VP fix
Vp is a team that at this point doesn't care about being "good". The players are well paid and the (brand) makes a lot of money Edit: makes vs SK
Nice format lul
rubino left north cause he didn't want to play anymore/didn't have any motivation. Although he was good at the time, he has dropped off quite a bit, and i don't think it likely that a player can play ...
k0nfig > s1mple
I aren't thinkz that for sure but k0nfig>device
SK Gaming free 100k?
When will people stop underestimating gambit
North vs Immortals
My 2 favorite lower tier-1 teams
astralis disband
Comparing to themselfs, which is all anyone really can do, they won more events in the first 6 months if the year than they did in all of 2016
Next dignitas game?
Go under the team on hltv and check upcoming matches jesus christ
Immortals are probably the most momentum based team. When they get rolling they're unstoppable
Gambit still underrated
Marketing man