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Young KennyS VS Zywoo
What?? KennyS overrated. The dude had the highest peak in all of CSGO history. No one comes close.
Young KennyS VS Zywoo
True. If the awp nerf didnt happen Kenny would dominate the game by himself.
The Wall is Coming.
libtard alert
Ribery disrespectful
He is a professional footballer and this kind of stuff that he is dealing with should be expected and dealt better. But he has a point. Football journalism in general is fucking cancer. Just like tele...
Na`Vi after -Zeus
buying condoms is easy they said...
she is ready for the cock
buying condoms is easy they said...
None of business your fucking
mousesports vs Vitality
how bout 16 rounds?
Vitality upgrade
zywoo and kenny has to join forces. I lost my hope in shox. I just hope kenny and zywoo can get together with maybe the addition of apex and nbk. Or heck try kioshima.
S1mple = ZyWoo > device individually
maybe. We will never know
S1mple = ZyWoo > device individually
Key phrase : "as an awper" not as a player in general because fallen brings more to the table.
S1mple = ZyWoo > device individually
fallen is more flashy but device is more consistent. I would prefer device over fallen as an awper anyday of the week.
Niko behaviour
basically xyp9x killed a guy through the smoke. Perfect spray also. Him and glaive are notoriously known for being good smoke shooters
Niko behaviour
Niko is the one taking the L right now. His previous tweets indicates that he is indeed talking about Astralis, particularly Xpy9x and Glaive. Just go look them up. He then proceeds to tweet out about...
USA worst state?
Someone from sweden talking LOL