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FaZe vs G2
can you repeat that please?
Faze KennyS
Im not prodka WTF
you may not like him, but you cant deny that he is an excellent player. After Messi and Cristiano's era, neymar would compete with the rest for the Ballon Dor. And he would be remembered for a long ti...
ronaldinho, neymar, ronaldo, and so many brazilian legends came from there.
Device isn‘t perfect
no one is saying Device is a perfect player nor he is a better player than s1mple. Device is "arguably" the best awper hence theres an arguement as to why he is the best but not everyone agrees. The b...
Natus Vincere vs BIG
hey dudeee nice prediction
Natus Vincere vs BIG
where you at astralis boy
Natus Vincere vs BIG
true. Zeus and edward are undeserved to win, but s1mple does.
why messi haters are wrong
1. He got a goal against Nigeria and 2 assists against france 2. If you actually watch argentina in the WC and before on qualifiers, you would know that argentina is a terrible team. Yes, even worse ...
why messi haters are wrong
No one has been on top level for more than 10 years dude. In the end, the most consistent player wins. Ronaldo aint better than Leo thats pretty obvious. Pele and maradona tho is an arguement. Top 3 d...
why messi haters are wrong
You obviously dont understand football if you even think that neymar is better than messi.
mousesports vs G2
they are already better than NIP LOL and they won btw HAHA
Messi tried
he proved himself on argentina. Its your fault you didnt watch argentina's games and yet shit talks like you know it all. Did you even know that argentina isnt supposed to be in this wc? They lost of ...
Messi tried
if ronaldo is the best then why does literally every pro footballer coach and legend say messi id the best? Are you saying they are wrong and you are right? LOL nice try Even pogba praised messi aft...
Messi tried
it counts as an assist. If the ball didnt hit Mercado it will still go to the left corner which might be a goal.