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Germans Help Me
Is this better than my translation xd?
Germans Help Me
Energy is used unconsciously and carelessly, which is one of today's greatest needs. Therefore, we wanted to develop a project to reduce energy costs by using our energy more consciously and efficient...
Germans Help Me
Energie wird unbewusst und leichtsinnig genutzt, was heute eines der größten Bedürfnisse ist. Deshalb wollten wir ein Projekt zur Senkung der Energiekosten entwickeln, indem wir unsere Energie bewusst...
Germans Help Me
The analysis will be carried out with scientific methods and a software algorithm in light of the data obtained. Analysis and technical solutions are made with pure attention. and also solutions and t...
Germans Help Me
Yea thanks a lot mate
Germans Help Me
it's for a friends company's website and I thought I could translate it easily but apparently, I can not
Germans Help Me
no mate I mean proofreading. The translation is mine, I would appreciate if you could check if i have any mistakes on the German text
Germans Help Me
thanks a lot to everyone who are trying to help
Germans Help Me
Energie, die heute eines der größten Bedürfnisse ist, wird unbewusst und achtlos verbrauchen. Deshalb wollten wir ein Projekt entwickeln, das unsere Energie bewusster und effizienter nutzen würde, um ...
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