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not much to say about me

had to make a secondary account because I got temporarily banned for some reason
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Most powerful country
the Ottoman Empire has to be on the list for sure
Pee is stored in the balls
steel is heavier than feathers
Best YouTube memes
anything grandday and dolan dark do
M4a1s needs buff
they're pretty well balanced, the only change I would make is make it have 20/60 (or maybe 25/50) ammo capacity since in it's current state it's suicidal to spray through smokes
Wingman OW?
I've already seen a few people who got Wingman cases for OW, I wish they let you download the demos of the games you played as well
Fortnite poor mans game
I know my country, and I seem to know more about yours than yourself
Fortnite poor mans game
"shit country" said the guy who lives in the country that had Lula, Dilma and Temer as presidents, and has some of the most dangerous zones in the continent
Fortnite poor mans game
I'm crying more because of your lack of english knowledge and lecture comprehension
Fortnite poor mans game
literally not giving a fuck = crying keep telling yourself that
Fortnite poor mans game
you're out of arguments (never had any, actually) so you appeal on trying to make me feel bad about a subject totally unrelated to the topic, nt tho...
Fortnite poor mans game
>not english >also, you're insulting for no reason you're going reported, pal
Fortnite poor mans game
I literally agreed with you, and you tell me to shut up? are you retarded? or are you brazilian?
Dust 2 Inferno Overpass Cache Agency Mirage Canals Office Italy Nuke Train Assault Cobble
Fortnite poor mans game
well, I'm poor, and I play Fortnite, sooo... yeah also yes, it's full of kids, people with no mics, and worst of all, annoying brazilians
I will rate your nickname!
your nickname is a perfect 64/79