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FURIA and Isurus #1 fanboy.
Also #1 apple vendor in all of HLTV.

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finally, Argentina trip start tomorrow
Bariloche and Calafate are amazing places
Purple, it's always the best color for everything
Major in RIO is a bad idea.
but what about Sharks? I think they'll do pretty well
Major in RIO is a bad idea.
Major in Brazil: YES PLEASE Major in Rio: oh, FUCK NO!
I Rate Music - A Critical Viewpoint
"not really even a song" whatever you say bud many artists end up not liking their own pieces even if they're amazing "just pathetic" in what way exactly?
I Rate Music - A Critical Viewpoint
ok, now I know you're baiting, next
Tier 1: every user that buys apples from my apple store
Isurus vs eUnited
4v4 match PogChamp
Ugliest country flags
Brazil? wtf, they have probably the coolest flag in the world, alongside the UK
Ugliest country flags
Pakistan's flag is amazing, Ugandan flag is also pretty cool, also there's nothing wrong with having a weapon in your flag, look at Mozambique they have an AK in their flag
I Rate Music - A Critical Viewpoint
I feel like your criteria is too arbitrary, you'd leave out great songs known for their simplicity and popularity like we will rock you, smells like teen spirit or song 2
"Boomer" As Insult
you know, the main reason "ok boomer" is a thing is due to retards like you doing this type of shit
Isurus vs Keyd
it's clear already that playing with nbl is playing 4v5, not trying to throw shit at the guy, but it's time to consider a replacement immediatly
TrashGO actually dead?
ah, you're talking about Condition Zero
TrashGO actually dead?
TrashGO? never heard of that game