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Hello everybody who reads this and have a nice day!

It's been a while since I joined HLTV and, well, I was quite impressed by all of you, guys. So many users and every single one is so unique, whoah...
I've seen a lot both good and bad guys here, but there is still something that unites us, - is CS.

My name is Vasiliy, but this name is so heavily associated with Russia, besides, that's almost impossible to pronounce it right, so I prefer when people call me "Cat".
I was born in 2001 in Moscow, Russia, but since 2012 moved to less known city - Perm.
In late 2016 I quit DOTA 2 and started to look for a new game to compete in. And this game was CS:GO. I had pretty rough start in this game, because I didn't play FPS games before. First year was definitely the toughest year, but in late 2017 I finally got used to play CS and finally started to climb over my silver rank. In 2 months I reached Global Elite. Now, I'm competing for a better world placement on Faceit in Russian / European divisions. I cheer for Astralis, because I like how they communicate within the game and their playstyle. My favourite players are: Golden, zonic, Andi, gla1ve, Kjaerbye and dupreeh.
However, despite me, being good awper, nice igl and hungry for frags lurker, my main role is entry, so that's why I'm also following those entries: SuNNy, HS, REZ, kjaerbye and apEX. I'm spreading love and kindness among HLTV, and I ask everybody to help me! Be kind and don't be rude, bruh. But if you need my help with any question that stands right on your way, feel free to ask me! And I will try my best help you solving it. <3
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