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all the brazilians when sk win: http://gph.is/1qsdhjF
all of them when sk lose: http://gph.is/2cUcPaM http://gph.is/1IOA4ND
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Liquid advance to group B lower bracket semi-final over North
N♿rth strikes again
RFRSH agrees to sell Astralis
I just think it's all optics and there is still some conflict of interest. I mean even if they are two different entities the people in charge still have ties. I know people will say it's just busines...
pronax announces retirement
Absolute LEGEND Wish all the best to him
Hobbit considering North America move
I heard c9 keeps looking for washed up talent he should give jack a call
fox: "If we go through [the play-in] everyone will be surprised by us, I'm pretty sure"
Oh right I always forget how few teams go to each blast event.
fox: "If we go through [the play-in] everyone will be surprised by us, I'm pretty sure"
Wow fox is still around? Kind of forgot this Giants team exsisted tbh. Well they might steal one round if they are lucky, probably against clown9 or mibr
boltz: "I want to again compete at the top and challenge for titles"
Hey you might get lucky considering MiBR is just recycling players... Oh wait even they can't challenge for titles... Oh well
FaZe take down Liquid to win BLAST Pro Series Miami
MIBR dominate Astralis; FaZe defeat Cloud9 in Miami
Oh boy look out one bo1 win and "mibr is back guys"
Thomas steps down from Endpoint
Thanks for making me aware hltv very important news
LDLC trial roden
Honestly never heard of him. Kind of feel bad if he is a decent prospect because no chance he improves with all the washed up around him
Happy officially out of Vitality; joins LDLC *
Lmao he doesn't even deserve a spot on LDLC
NRG overrun MIBR; ENCE ease past ViCi to 2-1 records in Shanghai
Turok laughing at mibr
Cloud9 release kioShiMa
Dumpster fire management
Sao paulo crowd
Damn glave better watch out before the crowd tries to kill him. Also to the Brazilians going omg why do you guys care about booing, because it's disrespectful to just straight up boo him in an intervi...