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all the brazilians when sk win: http://gph.is/1qsdhjF
all of them when sk lose: http://gph.is/2cUcPaM http://gph.is/1IOA4ND
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Sao paulo crowd
Damn glave better watch out before the crowd tries to kill him. Also to the Brazilians going omg why do you guys care about booing, because it's disrespectful to just straight up boo him in an intervi...
mi0-5br incoming
who knew recreating an old roster that didn't work before wouldn't work again
are you Don Haci?
paul I think you need anger management bud
faze "fans"
At this point I am a Faze fan because of olof. Been rooting for him since the LGB days and I will support him wherever he goes. Honestly kind of disappointed in the team though :(
Your pick'em so far
Also 3/5 rn Astralis, Liquid, Navi Need 2 out of Ence, Faze, MiBR, Avangar
NRG vs Complexity
nrg overrated garbage please disband brb have to go bleach my eyes after watching this clown fiesta
NRG vs Complexity
absolute garbage
NRG vs Complexity
when shazam is stylin on you thats a sign your team is utter shit
NRG vs Complexity
what the fuck is this shit
NRG vs Complexity
how the fuck does cerq stand in a molly for that long. what a bot
Astralis vs Renegades
Expected from fan of Aizy
my grandpa died :(
FeelsBadMan Sorry for your loss
k0nfig/MSL back to North
Why not just forget north and make optic better? Valde K0nfig Kjaerbye Karrigan Jugi is the best lineup on paper based on star power. Role wise I might make a few swaps but this is probably the best...
I just wish the casters and the desk would stop sucking his dick every five seconds. Like damn the kid has been good and he has a bright future, but you don't have to bring it up every five seconds to...