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Army of Trik
Keep doing you no matter how fugging annoying you are. At least you’re not changing for people and that’s admirable.
colder weather tends to hurt the pass game more than help it. And both teams have a legit run game. Like I said 50/50
Probably pats rams but if belichek doesn’t cheat this year it should be chiefs rams. Rams defense should slow brees enough for LA O to run away with it. Pats Chiefs is 50/50 hard to bet against brady
Donald Trumps populism
Where can I go to learn how to not click on a thread that I don’t care about? Please make a thread explaining step by step thx
Considering it’s time period yes it was way ahead of its time and laid the ground work for modern gaming. But gtaV blows it clear out the stratosphere. V is SA on steroids.
I’m from the future. My comment was for tomorrow.
Nba predicts day 7 + skin
Denver > gsw? Bold
New na team that could result
Brett Favre
How much sleep do we really need?
Yea. Something about their habitats being destroyed or invaded. The parasite that is homo sapient is destroying another species shocking
Brazil’s decline in cs
And immortals implosion
Soooooo...What is a "leftist"
Extreme right = racist
Electronic unveiling in 1 hour 15 minutes
How much sleep do we really need?
Giraffes are now an endangered species.
He will be 4.
Liquid real fix
Not if they’re winning. Imo Stewie is the best replacement for taco. I’d rather have taco but stew plays similar spots, can anchor a site, and I think you get more on the t side from Stewie (taco did ...