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can zews be a pro?
It should be kng but it won’t be unfortunately.
What’s so funny?
Woke people come here
In 1930s Midwest American, during the driest times recorded, people would like off “fireworks” and explosives into the air to trigger rain. It worked poorly but did cause rain to fall in minuscule amo...
Woke people come here
Direct this energy to productive matters and foresee your life advance by means which you where previously unaware to
ZyWoo wtf???
Yes any extremist or leaning individual is an idiot. The middle ground is where the sensible citizens reside and we should be the only ones allowed to vote tbh
Am i rasist?
Bones sucks. Should’ve cancelled after season 2
"mens" )))
Yea. You would see an arguement that once someone said mens(( the arguement ended lmao
"mens" )))
it’s rather simple and harmless.
ZyWoo wtf???
ZyWoo wtf???
American btw. Fake flag. I feel as though many people esp older generations were brainwashed with patriotism. In order to blind the public from the atrocities the country committed.
Tricked top1
Yes t1 is any team that plays big tournaments and wins quals etc. anyone known in the mainstream T2. Teams that can compete with low t1 teams T3 local teams unknown to many not competing in quals or g...
"mens" )))
My advice, if you don’t get the meme don’t bother
EU Superteam
Flair checks out like Nike
Liquid boring to watch
Ok allow me to rephrase. You were not talking sensibly in the previous comment. I wanted to let you know that you were making a mockery of your own name. You happen to be getting ahead of yourself. Li...
ZyWoo wtf???
Yes and then relinquish and deny any fault smh