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OpTic vs Vitality
U know. This hltv kids mostly is fat kids who sitting infront of their pc and be a toxic keyboard warrior because they got bullied in real life.
OpTic vs Vitality
Lol he only play bad because he want to left.
OpTic vs Vitality
-rpk +kennys
OpTic vs Vitality
Im 7 years old. I still enjoying this ‘rigged’ show.
OpTic vs Vitality
Zywoo is a great talent. But he really need to adapt fast on pro scene. He sometimes put himself on easy target. This not fpl where u can repeek or going aggro play without thinking theres player that...
OpTic vs Vitality
They should get kennys while they can. Let zywoo rifler/2nd awp. Its awkward to see his awp angle when they on t side.
G2 vs LDLC
As much as smithz kill. That is how much he threw the round for them also
G2 vs LDLC
g2 real problems
The real problem is shox and his ego. The day he kick 2nd best g2 player apex for smithz is the day i dont trust this guy anymore. Idc if he is great player or what. But he definitely stupid enough to...
G2 vs LDLC
Idk why g2 fans and bettors still have a faith on this team. Kennys is clearly dont trust this team anymore. -kennys on hltv is probably what he want. Shox dun care about winning he only want to play ...
G2 vs LDLC
Yeah g2 basically dont set up the game around him anymore. You know he doesnt get the bait and flash from his teammates. He basically go peeking alone with his awp.
G2 vs LDLC
No. Only ex6 is clueless on overpass. How he set his player and kenny position tell everything.
Virtus.pro vs G2
Tier 3/4 decider match. The winner stay at tier 3.
G2's situation
even when he in form, where do g2 go? nowhere. Its the same man. he just demotivated af. And he not signing new contract. so thats explain a lot.
Absolutely Disgusted
You can tilted some1 in game. Its part of sports. But calling some1 else retard. That is personal. Honestly Smooya act like a bigger person here.