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G2 vs Vega Squadron
lucky gamesense is 0. he always die from the same player who kill his teammate
G2 vs Vega Squadron
shox can only get eco frag. meanwhile lucky has peanut brain. rip g2. kennys need to carry this shit. drop 30 atleast or lose.
shox>olofmeister in the list of top all-time
Shox is the better player. But olof is the better teammate.
FaZe vs MIBR
terrible gamesense by niko at the last round.
FaZe vs MIBR
nice faze. that will destroy mibr mentality after fake comeback.
BIG vs G2
How the fuck they setting up for kennys when kennys always go to risky peek and sometimes alone. Ex6 always follow him but not save him when they got caught. Kennys not dying because bad aim or what. ...
NiP vs FaZe
Well, with kind of role he playing now. He never go for fancy playing. He did what he should do. Thats matter. Well i remember him in his prime. You must be new here.
Time To Go Guardian
as much as I like him. i kinda agree you. its not his fault. but suddenly when his team are doing okay and they have good chemistry, form. his problem drag them down.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
If navi players in 100% discipline and try to play for info instead of useless peeking like flamie always did (sometimes he won sometimes he just cost them a site when they play ct). they sure can win...
FaZe vs ENCE
Well i blame niko for that. Faze never this bad on inferno ct when karrigan call.
FaZe vs ENCE
+1 nah kids wont read this. Who know actually what niko told them to do?
OpTic vs Vitality
U know. This hltv kids mostly is fat kids who sitting infront of their pc and be a toxic keyboard warrior because they got bullied in real life.
OpTic vs Vitality
Lol he only play bad because he want to left.
OpTic vs Vitality
-rpk +kennys
OpTic vs Vitality
Im 7 years old. I still enjoying this ‘rigged’ show.