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North vs G2
Jackz is a bad lurker. He only good in 1 role. Not all rounder like amanek.
Astralis vs G2
Yeah but people already - this + that. 😂
Astralis vs G2
thing is bro. u dont change something when it works. personally this lineup is great at the moment. niko are great with rifle. if u setup him like hybrid player like zywoo & s1mple. this will ruin eve...
Countries with no scene
Kids talking about scene like you involve on those scene. U were just mere kids who daddy pays for the internet. And have a lot of time to talk about csgo scene. Csgo is esport, they make money with f...
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
S1mple, electronic & Guardian VS Zywoo Ggwp
They shouldnt kick or replace any1 in the roster. Sunny is inconsistent af. Same like in the mousesport.
Evil Geniuses vs G2
he trust his teammates. they should clear angle for him. it cant help when ur igl ask u to go fast into position that should be clear but it didnt. its more bad teamworks & misscomm rather than blame ...
Vitality vs mousesports
That is part of it. And u cant bring the best from ur star player when they play with pressure, no support from his teammate at all. Bad flashing, bad calls, bad timing etc. Nothing is absolute. And i...
Vitality vs mousesports
Vitality lose to team who now advance to Legend status. You cant underestimate them. It just their opponent is in better form and shape. But lets see what will happen next round. And for kids who sa...
another shooting in usa
USA : Lets blame it on uneducated immigrants. Typical shooter psychopath ideology : Its all because this black, hispanic, muslim bla bla bla. News when it is white shooter : The Shooter is A Loving...
Vitality vs Liquid
Its normal in intense final. If u want to it be more fair, then cs should play in a room without crowd. Both team somehow benefit from it. They both are not playing with their home crowd so the crowd ...
Vitality vs Liquid
Its easy to enjoy the game when both is ur fav. Only luck/opponent mistakes separate both side. This matchup are like astralis vs navi.