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BR caster
because Brazil has a big enough audience on it's own that it is ok to have a brazillian caster
kick boltz
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I love how you european people think you're living in a utopia and that south american people are constantly dodging bullets on their way to school and living in house trees with mo...
kick boltz
I think you should be crying, the only solace your sad country gets is to watch SK win on your territory and get a shout out from them
kick boltz
fer and fallen were always inconsistent players, they need the right support to play at their best but when they do they're monsters boltz can't show that support and he isn't a great player in a bad...
spunJ fired
ikr, and as ynk said it is so dumb to get mad at the casters for making predictions, they've been playing like shit the whole year and everyone is just supposed to guess that they're about to win? ver...
that's so disgusting
spunJ fired
stweie was a dip shit though
kkkkkkkkkkkkk dude I'm dying I just caught the ending of the game and I'm so happy I did
SK will never lose to FaZe
would very much like that but don't think in the slightest that it is true
dude the exit was abismal for SK but it was everything for taco, not only did it make people see how he was taken for granted but also showed what a great player he is in another context
taco was the star player on that team and nobdy knew it
How lonely are you?
okkk if this is really you writing feel free to hit me up on a private message so we can chat, you're delusional from spending so much time alone with your thoughts and look for professional help too...
Thorin laugh thread
thorin is a sore loser, he isnt even invited to events anymore