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North vs HellRaisers
When was the last time hr actually won something? Not talking ish just curious ?
Liquid vs Astralis
I agree. That's what I'm thinking and hoping for.
Liquid vs Astralis
Old liquid how sweet it would be to win on home soil in front of the USA crowd. I'll be rooting for you hope wish and pray and crossing my fingers all the above! But damn do you have a hard matchup ag...
SK vs OpTic
But but but he's back to 100% remember lol
SK vs OpTic
I guess the OpDick was limp. Maybe Viagra would of helped
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
Wow never seem face listed as such underdogs before.
Heroic vs mousesports
Pretty sure the great condom should of been used by your dad to prevent ur ignorance. But it's too late. Now the world must suffer
OpTic vs Space Soldiers
Lol they arnt garbage. They make it to events but not having a awp is killing them. Now that they are getting more lan exp I think they will start doing better but their online performance is great....
OpTic vs Space Soldiers
Garbage? That's pretty harsh lol
OpTic vs Space Soldiers
I think so too
Renegades vs SK
Gunna be a close match. Just wait. I predict at least one ot
SK vs Astralis
Cold please go back to a rifle
NRG vs Heroic
Nrg is just so hit and miss lately tho they have been hitting more than missing here lately. They will come to form here soon
NRG vs Heroic
Lol I'm chill. I just knew heroic wouldn't loose that match. I bet hard on heroic on that one. It was my lock for the day. Take care :)
NRG vs Heroic