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Study: programming and web development Job: Youtuber Monthly income: Prefer not to say Country of residence: Sweden
Astralis vs NiP
Swedish cs is back that's what's happening!
When a new team enters #1 it will always feel like a downgrade but thats just a psycological effect, it is false and abstract. Not concrete.
"EG Unlikable"
I just learned what an oxymoron is last week in the Swedish class
Swedes come
Ja jag gjorde en snabb googling och tog det lite från ingenstans får jag erkänna men jag tror däremot att det mesta är helt korrekt. Perspektivet är jag dock mer osäker på eftersom jag inte läst den.
Swedes come
Tredje persons perspektiv. Däremot får man stundtals höra karaktärernas egna tankar och det kan på så vis ses som ett psykologist drama/thriller.
RDR 2 4k60fps trailer
Yeah at my dads place I have 100/100 mbit/s internet which has never failed once in the last three years. But our landlord here doesnt want to pay for fiber optic internet...
RDR 2 4k60fps trailer
I have 10mbit down internet. Limited to 1080p60fps, which barely plays. Only works on YouTube where the video has lower bitrate.
bb or stretched
Kicking AleksiB lul
Indeed but fnatic tried getting away with not paying the swish employment tax, read all about it here:
The employment tax is a different thing than the company tax which is indeed at 22%. If a company has an employee with a wage of 30K (SEK) The company needs to pay 40-50% in taxes for that employee ma...
Thats just to avoid Swedish employment taxes though. (They are at 50%)
fnatic vs Vitality
come again?
NiP 5th
twitter is your friend when hltv is not sufficient