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Ence ending Astralis's Nuke streak and NEO joining Faze
And just now I saw that Neo was in NIP, lol. VP please
GTX 660 or GTX 750TI
In your defense, I still use a 750ti (I never actually needed to buy one more powerful)
Ence ending Astralis's Nuke streak and NEO joining Faze
I think we are only seeing signs of Astralis era ending, but they need to change some things and envolve in order to keep themselves as n1 team. As for Neo, it's such a bet. If he keeps his performan...
FaZe out of top 10 soon
If somehow Neo manages to make Niko and Rain play at their best, then maybe
FaZe out of top 10 soon
Who knows? Most probably they will be out of top 10, but maybe a miracle will happen?
do you cheat in exams?
Not even once
GoT S8 is a yoke
The overall arc of Arya was good, it's climax wasn't and thats a bit disappointing
GoT S8 is a yoke
Nowhere near the books in terms of quality, but there is still somethings to be enjoyed even in the worst 2 seasons
cock size [18+]
Football tier list
I don't think barça is above the rest due to poor defense
Ronaldos ranking
When it comes to talent, I think that's right. If we count professionalism and efficiency, then cr7, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho
Stretching my fingers and getting something to drink. I no longer play for real, just one or two matches for fun
GoT just died
Did you see the ending? It was so damn dark. But yeah, shitty way of ending one of the main plots of the series
Why is mm so hard?
For me, despite having overall decent performances, the teams I am paired with are always too inconsistent, it's either too bad of a team or a good one.
your gpu ?
Thx for help, I will look for those. I just hoped I was not in Brazil, here electronic stuff in general is really expensive, RX 460 here is around 560 reais, in direct conversion it's around 140 USD