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IEM/ESL comeback?
ESL has no say in what platform is used in a major. It is Valve. And IEM has never been on Facebook. It is only ESL. If Facebook comes with a shit load of cash, ESL will still be on Facebook.
How to be VEGAN
How do you laugh in words?
Hahahahahahahaha...... Hahahahahahahaha...... Hahahahahahahaha....
Astralis vs Liquid
Congrats to both teams. Well deserved being in the final.
Who will win EPL finals?
Astralis has never won on home soil.
Astralis vs MIBR
Thanks for the kind wordS
Astralis new sponsor!
And this is another reason to not choose AMD.
NiP vs Astralis
NiP vs Astralis
NiKo is just pissed, because Astralis didn't shared the hack with Faze. And now now ECS and ESL for Faze.
Niko Crying
Maybe you are right, maybe you are not. But I need proof before I jump to conclusions. And if they are using it, are you that naiv thinking that Astralis are the only ones using it? They will all be u...
Niko Crying
Of course he is calling them out. Why else write about it now. But I do agree the frustration he must feel if it turns out Astralis has been cheating. I hope that you agree with me, that there has n...
Niko Crying
Let me be clear... If Astralis is cheating, I hope they get caught!!! But the tweet from Niko calling out Astralis as cheaters is questionable. I do hope for Nikos sake, that he has some solid proof...
Astralis 27-0
Tell that to Faze. No ECS and no ESL lan
- Nuke + Cobblestone As a beginning.