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Started with cs in summer 2001 on german planetcs server. Stopped actively in 2005. Made no significant name since then :P

MVP doesn't need to get convinced by some random user like me. lol :(
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1xBet official Q&A
Has been resolved, thanks for the help.
1xBet official Q&A
So I need to ask my question here, because the chat only tells me, that their specialists think that the bet was graded correctly. But they won't even tell me which sources they use to determine the o...
Arcane Wave vs DeftFox fe
Because the tournament has a higher prizepool than ESEA Advanced or this LPL Australia stuff, that's also featured here.
Japaleno vs AGO
no, AGO did. https://www.hltv.org/matches/2342159/endpoint-vs-illuminar-home-sweet-home-cup-8
He already left AfD in 2019. "Poggenburg resigned as regional party leader for AfD in 2018 after labeling Turks as "camel drivers" and immigrants with dual nationality a "homeless mob we no longer wa...
Tenerife Titans vs 9INE
well I don't know about their scene, but they beat the paz-maj3r-ngin stack 3-1 in the finals. On the other hand, they beat FWRD only 16-14 in ESEA. Titans beat FWRD 2-1 in the Benelux league. So I g...
Tenerife Titans vs 9INE
They won the turkish championships with this lineup under the name "Boca Boston", they are not a new team with no chemistry at all.
Sinners vs Nemiga
SHOCK joined the game Pog
Brief History of Movistar Riders
sadly I don't know, but must have been good stuff :P
Brief History of Movistar Riders
"as well as taking a map against FaZe, who only dropped 3 maps in 7 BO3’s." You forgot to add "while playing at home and drinking coke without any pressure" xD gj for the article
LowLandLions vs Tenerife Titans
No, Sarenii not registered in the ESL account for the Titans. https://pro.eslgaming.com/benelux/csgo/team/itt/
LowLandLions vs Tenerife Titans
Sarenii doesn't play for Titans in this league because they need at least 3 players from BeNeLux countries.
OG lineups
Quantum Bellator Fire with Boombl4 and Kvik :P