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Started with cs in summer 2001 on german planetcs server. Stopped actively in 2005. Made no significant name since then :P

MVP doesn't need to get convinced by some random user like me. lol :(
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1xBet official Q&A
My problem has just been resolved after telling him my problem via private message. Thank you for the help!
1xBet official Q&A
Since I have a pending issue concerning a DOTA 2 bet, I just want you to confirm or deny the following statement of your livechat: "We don't provide any information about the sources our experts used...
Your countries "bitch"
San Marino and Gambia
G2 vs Cloud9
GG 2 vs Clown 9
Luxembourg people come here
https://www.monster.lu/fr/ and if you speak french, this website should have some infos, they also have a forum: https://www.lesfrontaliers.lu/
Fam143 vs Bravado
Nex left BIG for this? Kappa
Epic last round in OT :D
Wtf iran
loosing = lockern; korrekt: losing = verlieren.
SK vs Gambit
fallen ... name checks out
tr3vl Banned
horrible stats for a cheater. He should better ask Leo on how it's done for better stats.
C9 freakazoid?
I don't think that he'll leave his brother alone in Swole Patrol, which they created. And I doubt that C9 would consider both Freakazoid and Cooper.
Make a RETIRED team
JasonR maniac Mir (still benched) Luckerr zews
why poland best
It was only a short break on the way to Krakow, so I didn't see too much. But the city center where we stopped was very nice.
why poland best
"good foreign language knowing" Some years ago at a McDonalds in Wroclaw: - "A McFlurry please" - Which sausage? - What? - Which sausage do you want on your McFlurry? ...
North vs HellRaisers
they already lost 3-16 to ENVYUS on inferno two days ago .... if they can do it, North can too.