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Started with cs in summer 2001 on german planetcs server. Stopped actively in 2005. Made no significant name since then :P
proud no-scener!
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German ama
are you proud to be sprout? :E
Ask a person from Norway about Norway
nt Varg xD
childhood picture leaked, boombl4 alpha male confirmed http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/001/052/melvin.jpg
rekt btw. QBF 4 Russians, kvik is from Lithuania
What about their coach dastan?
seang@res disrespectful
I don´t know if it was intentional or not. He was not looking up, so I consider he didn´t see him.
I considered them as onliners. Looks like I was wrong.
Rigged for envyus?
My reply came nearly at the same time as #10 (12:32 & 12:33), it wasn´t there yet as I wrote.
Rigged for envyus?
you can´t get drawn twice to the same team in the swiss system. They already played Renegades.
"prokda/lockerboy" user
You can´t block him, but you can write a message to Jonathan E and tell him about the racist comments. He should be banned then. https://www.hltv.org/profile/60048/jonathan-e
germans come here
https://melbet.org/ It´s a bookmaker, but you don´t have to register to watch the streams. Just click on the left on the "play" icon to view the available streams. They always have Bundesliga games.
Never had sex
Flash vs EnVyUs
bye bye flash
FlipSid3 vs AVANGAR
He has both nationalities. HLTV changed the flag here because he played WESG Qualifiers (only players of one nation allowed) for a Russian team.
maj3r he is the french players but the Space Soldiers he is the turkish stars
Really? He said in an interview that he had to move from France to Turkey after he signed for Space Soldiers.