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Sweden refugees
Sounds good. Nice job Sweden
Is Pluto a planet?
No, I think it was a dwarf planet or something.
League Of Legends
Wow your going to think it's a different game if your going back now. So much has changed.
Best of luck then.
how many children would u like to have?
Probably none, because I make the worst life decisions lmao, I'd be a terrible parent. But if it comes down to it, I'd probably adopt someone instead. No need bringing in new life just to make them s...
best sports
Surprisingly enough, hockey was probably the least enjoyable sport in gym class for most kids at my school.
Lord of the rings!
It's so long though, I legit want to watch it again but it's length is daunting
Annoying culture of begging
Well it's better to use those feelings for services that actually do help the poor and needy if you choose to help out. I wouldn't out right throw money around to them, some I'm sure you can tell are ...
Am I racist?
Ask if she would be okay with you dating another guy and if she says no then she is homophobic. With that you can maybe show her how weird that sort of thinking is .
Am I racist?
No, because you are free to choose your partners.
Shroud Salary ?
Definitely more than 7 And then there's donations, sponsors, or ad revenue no?
best sports
Jeez so many amazing sports out there it's hard to choose. 1. Tennis 2. Cycling 3. Volleyball 4. Badminton 5. Handball 6. Ultimate Frisbee 7. Basketball 8. Soccer 9. Baseball 10. Floor Hockey
best sports
+1 so fun to play, especially 1v1 or 2v2, anything more and it gets crowded for me.
Is appearance important?
Probably, don't old people say stuff like the more time you spend with her the more beautiful she becomes in your eyes? Or some shit Idk man, the more I think about it the more terrible I feel as a ...
kepler's 3rd law
Idk man, you think I got laid with this knowledge?