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Feet fetish = Mental illness???
I'm the only one who see that?
Zina is a brazilian man who appears on a tv show speaking about football and speak only that's word "Ronaldo Brilha muitos no corinthians" - " Ronaldo Shiny a lot in corinthians " He is famous only b...
I think we have an forsaken in astralis . XD
safari mesh awp = bolt action sniper
I prefer corticeira
[+18] New LG lineup
legal cara isso nao muda o fato do HEN1 ser um awp meia boca e o yel ser melhor que ele .
Suicidal Thoughts
It's hard because doesn't another kind of life, unfortunately that is the unic life we had ! I don't know how is your life, but i'll speak about mine . My life is sucks i'm very poor (I don't have in...
Suicidal Thoughts
Ak 2 and u?
[+18] New LG lineup
i heard the same thing about Luminosity / SK and they win 2 majors, they said the same thing about immortals and they play a major final ... Is better we wait . :D after all we'll never see another g...
i can't wait to see KNGV drinking on major trophy
Não Tem Como vs Windigo
Bit and FNX was playing wesg in 2005 ir 2006 (don't remember) using the Brand mibr (made in Brazil) cs 1.6
Não Tem Como vs Windigo
Brazzilian unknowns 2 players: major finalists 1 players:2 majors Winner 1 player: with 5 important Lan title 1 player: wesg Winner What about Canadá?
What can o drink to kill myself?
Mano sei lá, não faz sentido as coisas Não dá vontade de continuar , tipo viver para nada. Não sei explicar mas é uma coisa que tem que sentir na real . Enfim . :(Já fiz psico, tomei remédio não aj...
What can o drink to kill myself?
Death os not negative . The Idea of life forever scary me .
What can o drink to kill myself?
God do not exists