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Malmo Spot
You are making that up ahahahah!!!!!
Malmo Spot
You are not a real c9 fan, kys please
Malmo Spot
mad cus fake fan
Malmo Spot
c9 wont get it, cry is free
Malmo Spot
No, it does matter. Are you new to tournaments? They dont randomly give another team it + then they would give it to an EU team lmao
Malmo Spot
why would c9 get it? Liquid would get it cus they were #2 in the qual
I spent 4000$ on supreme clothing AMA
+1 So true, im a coder so i know this
I wanted naf and rush (naf igl) All im saying, im their ''prime'' or when they go ''insane'' Rush and tarik is better than shroud and nothing, specially since stewie wont have to igl now
Shroud Subs!!
Go refund your twitch sub to shroud kid XDDD
Yes i agree, but nothing wasnt calling, nothing is shit at putting up frags imo, My point is Stewie without igl> Nothing not igl
Better than shroud LOL
I know its bait but, tarik is gonna IGL, think about it. Stewie who is IGL now, he can go insane and drop 30 bomb each game since he wont need to igl. tarik can get 10-15 kills each game, rush is ju...
Shroud Subs!!
Because they always say he is best NA player, he gets so many ''insane'' clips on stream and shit LUL But yes hopefully we never see them again, they can just stick to his stream
Shroud Subs!! nice c9 flair xDDDD Fucking shroud sub cry
But are they living a happy life in beautiful China? Yes they are, meanwhile people in sweden slums or even outside of slums live in fear of rape and murder :DD Get your shit together attention boy