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photographs come
Sony Alpha cameras are mirrorless which is why they are smaller, they weigh a lot less and balancing is fine, a lot of content creators use Sony for vlogging without any balance issues. The ui isn’t t...
photographs come
Full frame is the way to go, if you’re planning on selling all your gear I would recommend changing to Sony for really good low light performance, also a much larger arsenal of lenses, A7iii or A7C ar...
Tommy Fury
Fury didn’t look as good as I hoped, but might be one of those situations where u vs silvers and they make u play really shit
Holy shit that sucks, Australian tradies can earn 1k salary just coming out of apprenticeship
will anyone have online school
Self-taught much better anyway, learn content outside of class and just use class to answer questions, basically how uni works
what is your resting heartrate?
Don’t take as an insult but try be a bit more active, maybe run at least once a week, you don’t wanna be dying from heart issues
Mexican 'catch' (18+)
Yeh it is very normal here for people to get skin cancer checks at least once a year that way we can detect it early, I think we have a very high survival rate.
Mexican 'catch' (18+)
Makes people like me very grateful to have been born in a country like Au
Japan is cute
The golden era of America was over years ago, now it’s just a shit 1st world country, how does it feel to see you country fall from grace?
PGL Stockholm crowd?
Our government has done a few stupid things like letting some Australians go to India for a wedding where there is the India variant which ended up causing more short lockdowns here. Though we handl...