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Are Pros Dumb?
If they understand so much why did they avoid the aug and sg for so long? They are more skilled and know more about teamplay, but that doesn't mean that they will always have the right opinion about ...
Are Pros Dumb?
That's why Pro player's opinions are more annoying than random users, there will always be someone to defend it just because it comes from a pro player, no matter how simple minded, biased or shallow ...
Most overrated player per relevant csgo country
most shitty thread per continent US: THIS ONE
Cry more lmao
Advanced crouch peek mechanics
Crouch strafing is better for dodging headshots imo, and yes, counterstrafing helps since it resets you accuracy instantly while crouch takes a few milliseconds
Elige the best?
because the krieg is inherently better.
SG 553 nerf idea
just make it 3500 and stop with the retard ideas,
AWP with Krieg scope?
just buy a shotgun lol, and the zoom in csgo is not even that strong, zooms in games like battlefield are much harder to deal with at close ranges
tenz aiming style
Flicking occasionally helps refresh your muscular memory and not get distracted
Can you read? I said there weren't any photos, I've already read the fucking report and its just a report with no photos of the players with the OG shirts, not an official announcement yet.
yeah but there weren't any photos, that is just stronger evidence that the deal is done
ISSA isn't washed up, he just was in a collapsing team, only NBK could be called washed up but he was leading at vitality and their team strat was basically give chances to zywoo to kill.
Ever played 5v5 w/ pros?
played one match against this guy and only that, i've also stumbled upon boltz on an 1v1 arena server
Not a support player but i've played with people that fit the definition of support player, they will hold bombs solo and help the teammate with them at the bomb, leaving most frags to him and there i...