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polish people come here
ye ofc big conspiracy against muslims rn
polish people come here
tbh if u look around the world today, theres plenty of evil people and evil things everywhere but muslims get the most blame and attention. some of them are the worst, no hiding this. people keep sayi...
polish people come here
i will say warsaw is nice, but i didnt get to see much i was in a big shopping mall there, it was packed uk felt like a 3rd world country
polish people come here
non muslim polak with muslim friends ok then
polish people come here
u trust anyone who talks badly about muslims lol double standard
Lekr0 fuck your mother
and lithuanians arent toxic? ha!
brainwashed frenchie probably that virus 50% of the pop has
*Believers come here*
"believe in science" what does that even mean? muslims used to be the leaders in science until europeans got better at it lol u think science and god are things u cant reconcile in anyway xdddddd god ...
*Believers come here*
if you think this is bait then you're one of those "atheist" idiots
muslims come here
...? u replied to the wrong guy maybe everything that has a beginning and an end was created by something uncreated. unfortunately, that's hard for you to accept.
*Believers come here*
atheism is to be illogical, delusional, deluded, living a lie, imagining a fairytale where god doesnt exist. if god didnt exist, we wouldnt exist. also, evolution? ha if u wanna believe ur ancestor w...
muslims come here
it is likely to be true whether you like it or not god exists because everything else exists without god, nothing would exist
muslims come here
can you back any of this up at all? btw...women hating? you dont realise how stupid you sound if we hated women why would we think about marrying them, COVERING THEM?
muslims come here
lol bad experience led you to this delusion go inside a plane which is falling from 10000 feet to the ground at 800km/h and suddenly god exists again! help me!