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Life is like digging a hole
Life is like digging a hole... If you are useless, you could make a really stupid hole to fuck it the same way you are fucking up your life :)
If u have €100 bi
Ill buy my own country and ill just ruin it just to feel the same as the average spanish politician.
FaZe real fix
I Rate ur Car
Language to learn
chinese or spanish imo
Xantares Overrated
Why admins?
Welcome to HLTV, the house of random bans and thread deletes without explanation or sense... and now that i said it... cya in 10 years...
I ask you a question based on your country
Madrid ofc, but apart of my hometown, probably Santiago de Compostela its a nice and small city with a lot of things to see, and theres really good food in that region.
I ask you a question based on your country
Im from madrid, and in some ways people are so different that you can recognise where are they feom just by looking at theie behavior,and talking about the places... Generally, madrid and the 2 castil...
I ask you a question based on your country
My answer is, im probably the first spaniard you have meet who knows/cares 0 about football, in fact i had to search whos courtois and navas xD
I ask you a question based on your country
come at me bro
Yeah right, its impossible that something goes wrong with a team without a dedicated igl and a main awp(even if cold and niko can do both) i mean, other teams like nip have tried this also, and they a...
lol u gay?
oh, niko igling? theres literally no evidence of his performance dropping really hard when he does that...