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london 2018 all star match
lol wtf why
london 2018 all star match
its a steel clip lol.... just watch it.
C9 S1mple
yeah but they were shit after and once stew and tarik left they basically didnt win the major. like if device and glave left astralis or rain and niko left faze... we wouldnt be like well "xyp, dupr...
cache low fps
cache low fps.
steel is just like well "if i dont get unbanned from majors, have fun replacing skadaddy in 6 months." lol
worst team ever
GODELL. irrelevant vs GODELL.
NBK new team/Vitality
how is that relevant, woxic and him r in my team.
dating preference
jesus man some people really dont understand nuance. just because im not sexually attracted to something isn't an evaluation of its superiority or inferiority . k so im sexually attracted to vaginas ...
Fuck dude congrats
dating preference
rac·ism noun prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. the belief that all members of each race posses...
NBK new team/Vitality
NBK new team/Vitality
same team I just think they should upgrade rpk and or happy.
NBK new team/Vitality
He's here so they actually have enough talent to win. This is how teams will be now that faze, mousesports is a thing. Everyone speaks English.
NBK new team/Vitality
Lol they all speak English... U have to be able to beat teams like faze and Astralis... This is how lineups r now. Rpk won't cut it.