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Cheating in Tier1 Events
sponsors giving pro players custom colour ways of shit??? shit happens all the time in traditional pro sports how is that cheating lol ?
alcohol boring
exactly plus sativa weed (head high type) + large coffee feels so much better, tried body high weed and alcohol and head high weed, head high weed plus caffeine best high ....
he said 2019 was u dumbass lol
dh joke
exactly but at least soundproof booths and u could get one way glass
dh joke
dh joke
people bet money on these games and they can hear the casters???? wtf valve should ban DH from running tournaments
dh joke
yeah they did https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2159562/gla1ve-unhappy-with-the-conditions-at-dreamhack
dh joke
no??????? There is a real mess on 'teamspeak', where we sit and talk and communicate. It's confusing, and every time we talk, we can hear casters (commentators, ed.). Although we do not talk together...
dh joke
nope https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2159562/gla1ve-unhappy-with-the-conditions-at-dreamhack ???????
made vita top 2 ??????
Girl spit on me
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfNXWGCeNGI&t=1534s you're welcome
bo5 finals
in mafia have to wake up at 7am pick one
bo5 finals
3 na events all year stfu lol
almost was in accident
maybe you rejected her at bar? hahahaha
almost was in accident
i think she just doesn't know its autobahn because like correct me if im wrong but sometimes there's parts where there is speed limit even like when its just straight road right?