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Agreed. Liquid were lucky to win overpass. Could've been an easy 2-0 for NaVi. Should have been. NAF went crazy and NaVi gave away multiple rounds that crippled their economy. Liquid got ran over...
djokovic goat
He beat Federer at Wimbledon in 2014 and 2015.
djokovic goat
Djokovic started winning Majors while they were in their primes, and he hadn't yet reached his.
djokovic goat
If it weren't for the injuries, Nadal would be the undisputed GOAT. No question.
Stew and Grim both sucked on that CT side on Overpass. They shouldn't be playing sites together. Twistzz the player would be better for Liquid in Stew's current non-IGL role. But you're right, he b...
Liquid vs Natus Vincere
Without a couple of NAF-GOD plays they'd have lost Overpass pretty handedly. I'm a much bigger Liquid supporter than NaVi btw.
Liquid vs Natus Vincere
I just saw the map picks and couldn't believe it...what are they thinking? NaVi picks overpass often. Easy 2:0 for NaVi.
I respect Steve2k for one thing
Interesting, guess you need to get rid of NaVi, FaZe, Heroic, BIG, and OG from these tournaments as well. All teams Liquid have 2-0'd in the last couple of months. OT vs. Vitality in map 1 and just ...
Trump and Bill Clinton
The government has the tapes already. There was a report after Epstein's arrest that they found tons of shit when they raided his homes, including a safe filled with tapes. I'm sure if the guy was c...
Bitcoin is king
Read a little bit about ChainLink/smartcontracts and how it will fundamentally play a major role in the 4th IR. ChainLink will be 4 digits by 2025, if not earlier. It was the best performing crypto ...
Bitcoin is king
Rumor has it he is Sergey Nazarov, CEO of $Link best coin to buy.
Bitcoin is king
I'm all in on ChainLink