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Yes, he is absolutely cheating online. he is dog shit on LAN. Saw the recent obvious aimbot clip on overpass right? saw the B APPS spam on yeL on Mirage? Little dorky kid fooling everybody to get o...
Should've dropped Karrigan for aleksib as soon as he became available. Then dropped chrisJ for ISSAA as well. aleksib ISSAA woxic frozen ropz probably too dark and second/third world for aleksi's l...
Rape victim is prosecuted by UK police
Canada Diverse pick one
Cloud9/TenZ problem
Cloud9/TenZ problem
except, stewie2k majorly proven on LAN, with MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP. Brain Work?
-apex +lucky?
ALEX was IGL of Vitality when they were top 2/5. They kicked NBK because he was causing problems with leadership. Shox only joined the team on the condition that he would never be in a leadership po...
OG will -NBK +stavn in about 3 months, followed by -ISSAA +refrezh
Asmongold weak?
You say he's accomplished nothing yet he is financially secure for the rest of his life because of the game you say he has wasted his life on. How many 31/32 year olds are millionaires? How many fro...
Cloud9/TenZ problem
This what happens when FPL cheating nerd plays on LAN against real teams. Get's destroyed. TenZ = next stewie2k say the asian fan boys. TenZ is a cheating virgin who will never be a top player say ...
Asmongold weak?
Well, what it means is that he makes far more money than you do. And if he has had a rough life, dealing with autisim or asbergers along with a mother in poor health that he cares for, who the fuck a...
MIBR vs Swole Patrol
3 years and 3000 dabs ago
Smoking cigarettes
people dying from vapes are buying black market THC cartridges or mixing their own juices and burning their lungs out with those gigantic retard vapes.
I mean, that would absolutely work in some way. I don't think they need to be paying 50% tax or some of the other outrageous numbers thrown out here. I don't think it's fair to punish people by taki...
Universal healthcare would absolutely work for the vast majority of the country, but you should also be allowed to enjoy a better private health insurance/care if you are able to afford it. The count...
Xyp3x vs k0nfig
yeah so sad...he was definitely a potential top 10 player before the Danish scene fucked themselves with the North/Optic/Fragsters/Heroic changes. idk what happened to k0nfig. like he lost all confi...