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where tarik going?
ever played cs on adderall?
where tarik going?
they all abused the fuck out of adderall to win that major, they all knew it wasn't going beyond that American tournament.
who will be mibr's fifth player?
Making sure I knew? right...learn to read toilet bowl of england
who will be mibr's fifth player?
I'm well aware of the difference, let's not forget the fact that you tried talking shit over the fact that you do not understand English.
who will be mibr's fifth player?
Australia's shit my bad.
who will be mibr's fifth player?
Do they not teach you English in Australia?
who will be mibr's fifth player?
Would’ve liked to see Elige head to MIBR for Tarik as well in this deal. MIBR would be unstoppable.
JDM Cheating!
heard the flash thrown, turned, JDM is a bot not a cheater.
Tarik to NRG
tarik won't play with stan again. stan, shazham, tarik, autimatic, rush would be pretty solid for coL though. There'd be a 3 team fight for the NA crown once again.
NRG roster change
I like, most don’t
-daps/fugly +stew/tarik
he is on an insane amount of amphetamines. eyes bulging, jaw clenched, sweating profusely 2 rounds into map 1.
I fucking hate gla1ve
yeah exactly like that. skadoodle was wigged out of his mind.
I fucking hate gla1ve
I do want to know how it's possible for them to see through that smoke though. Like no settings in the world make it possible for them to see people and trace through smokes the way they do. It's si...
HLTV Chefs come here
These retards are wrong. What you should do is season the steak, sear it, transfer it to a different pan or tray, and bake it until desired doneness. How thick is it? 2 inches? Sear it, throw it i...