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AGO vs Nemiga
Betting cups keep cs go alive but ruin it at the same time. Ultra toxic community of brain dead teens who can’t take the loss and blaim everyone. GG!!!
Nemiga vs Spirit
Nemiga vs Budapest Five
GG! Confident game
PACT vs Nemiga
nah, I know for sure that fixed games involve 1 or 2 players not whole 10 players from both teams, thats impossible to do at this level and only bettors with brain damage believe in that, cause they j...
DreamEaters vs Nemiga
It is big, yes, over 400 people and huge on mobile;) they are building a Belarus based mainly squad, that is the goal and that takes time.
Virtus.pro vs Nemiga
HAha, since when Poland is intelligent? Dude;) not easy to be polish, tons of ambitions and zero outcome
DreamEaters vs Nemiga
Why not lose the knives then, smarty)
DreamEaters vs Nemiga
Nemiga is sponsored by a Belarusian gamedev company, big one, they are backed up pretty well. You think every match is fixed while in reality it’s a difficult thing to do.
PACT vs Nemiga
Fixed by lootbet;) damn you are braindead, nobody can fix such scenarios, pistol rounds and shit like that- yes.
Epsilon vs Nemiga
Again EZ
FATE vs Nemiga
Nemiga vs Syman
Check the stats and stfu, dummy
forZe vs fnatic
CIS doesn’t deserve their spots they said))) Now CIS is taking over, get used to it
Nemiga vs GoodJob
It’s a fierce rivarly between these teams for n1 in Belarus, so I hihgly doubt there could be a throw)
Nemiga vs BenZoGang
Regular local lan. It’s not about the money