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lil peep or xxxtentacion
2018-09-07 20:43
100 years Polska
>I'm not ginger and there aren't many gingers at all in my general area >Nobody cares about CIS prison food >You evidently haven't been to Britain >Beaches aren't great but who gives a fuck? >Gingers ...
100 years Polska
Another fact is that during that period Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union so you can't really blame others, but evidently you live in a 2nd world wasteland filled with mutant spastics :D
100 years Polska
chernobyl having opinions on appearances lul
100 years Polska
>Best continent >Europe
R8 my cs inv
Lot's of BTEC skins that everyone and their nan has + mix of ST and non-ST guns triggers me. To each their own and whatever makes you happy, thus the only person that can rate it is yourself.
100 years Polska
4k year civilization that still got bumholed by Germany among other nations. You'd think such a legendary territory would have had time to prepare.
My gf is trans
That's pretty gay hombre
My gf is trans
having your dick removed doesn't change your chromosomes.
Stop hosting so many events in NA
5 dangerous cities in your country
Makes a change from the sun burning cars and stingrays stabbing national treasures.
I R8 your country. And say would i emigrate to u
I wouldn't go to Ukraine because I'm too dumb and ignorant to learn another language. Sorry :/
Stop hosting so many events in NA
Why would they when America can pump so much cash into the scene? Tournament hosts don't care about what time Turks can watch the event if they're making bank.
Boosting FACEIT KD ratio on aim maps
doesn't iDISBALANCE boost his KD on Word.exe?
life is boring
While weed is good, you want much harder drugs to really see how good it can get. While I'm struggling to slow down my amphetamine intake I can't do anything but recommend acid, mushrooms and DMT. Ni...