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best lineup in ur nation
oh shit my b
best lineup in ur nation
yikes probably endpoint + smooya & dephh. FeelsBadMan
Therapy thread. Come share.
I'm a cocaine and amphetamine addict. Not only that but I use hard drugs such as heroin and crack for fun. I have no issues with my drug use; I just don't like being treated as less of a person becaus...
Most popular people from your country?
What about wide neck guy and thin neck guy?
How do you like your coffee
Sometimes dude.
How do you like your coffee
If you want to add milk and sugar to coffee just drink a chocolate milk if you want to be a faggot. Only thing I want in my drink is 3 keys of ketamine.
This girl I like
Maybe just ask her out.
Tell me your lsd trip experience
I'm not a fan of going cold turkey on the world of psychs but whatever is best for you should be done. Good luck :)
Tell me your lsd trip experience
I'm not a fan of cutting up my tabs. I only have a half because a friend wanted to try acid with me.
Tell me your lsd trip experience
I take acid weekly and I've never had a bad trip. If you want to continue doing acid but not get yourself fucked up you should look into sourcing your own gear at a dose you're comfortable with :) I u...
Tell me your lsd trip experience
>take first hit at 11 am >40 minutes in "this aint shit" >take another (now on 300ug) >first begins to kick about 5 minutes later lmao >sat in friends apartment tripping balls trying to act normal in ...
Is your job boring?
Probably, but I'm a dumbass that took slacker college courses
Is your job boring?
Lincoln lmao
Is your job boring?
Film & Television No exams, many parts of the modules are easy, barely any contact time per week.
Is your job boring?
Did you ever not like the stink of fish though and stand there thinking of all the hours you have to put up with it