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Astralis vs Natus Vincere
That won't happen for a long while now, the guys from Astralis have been playing together for years. If you don't count swapping Kearbye for Magisk. Every other team keeps chopping and changing player...
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
💤💤💤💤💤 😴😴😴😴😴 So tired of Astralis game style and winning everything.
Renegades vs mousesports
RENEGADES had to close it on MIRAGE!! That was their meal ticket, so its totally on them for loosing focus in the end :(
Tyloo is winning this lmao
Astralis vs MIBR
ASTRALIS won't play well this time. Don't @ me
NiP vs Natus Vincere
Why can't I set reminders for matches in the HLTV app? Please employ someone like me to actually build you a proper app? :p
ex-Space Soldiers vs BIG
Ex Space soldiers lul
Heroic vs LDLC
I like Friberg but I think the Frenchies are gonna win lol Goo Alex, UKCS ftw! Don't @ me
BIG vs FaZe
UKCS win xD
Liquid vs Astralis
That guy in the front of the audience looks so baked LUL CiGrip Clap
Liquid vs Astralis
Honestly Taco was such a monster player on SK, thanks Liquid for taming him. FeelsBadMan Enjoy the choke I guess lol
Liquid vs Astralis
They had a smoke, just didint fucking use it. Well done Liquid, great final.
Liquid vs Astralis
Totally agree, and I think Nitro is Liquids biggest strength but also the biggest weakness when he loosed important clutches. He could have single handedly won the Nuke match art he end but he choked ...
Liquid vs Astralis
This is such a boring fucking final, can Liquid roll over and surrender already so we can all get on with our evenings please. They cant even clutch a 1v1 and win a map.