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Finnish residents come here.
i'm going back to finland tomorrow. after living abroad in 5+ countries i can confirm finland is probably one of the best countries to live in. I'm so proud to be a finnish citizen.
Commander Shepard. The Boss and Big Boss
gla1ve krieg tweet
This is the same lil bitch who thought he owned the word "glaive" and took a dig at corsair over their mouse called corsair glaive." Absolutely obnoxious, chinless mofo.
Age of 22-27
aka. evolution from a hormonal ape to a human being.
erdogshit's dick is so far down op's throat he can lick his hairy turkish ballsacks. fucking deluded 3rd world turktrash lol.
the girl that i love.. is on my best friend's bed.
Cuck. Learn from this experience. Always take your shots before its too late. Also you will get over it, cucklet.
Eight 10 yo girls sitting with me on a train
Arab wet dream.
Windows 7
I switched in the summer when i got m.2 ssd. Win10 looks ugly af but i customised it to look like win7 so i am happy with it now
Best game ever
Metal gear solid 3. The feels
Football goat team
My best friend goes absolutely apeshit for gullit but im not a fan. I was more of a klinsmann/bergkamp guy. But yeah he was one of the best headers ever. As for ronaldinho i agree he was the most tech...
Football goat team
Yeah i know. But ive been a bayern/germany fan since i was 5.. which was 27 years ago. Im an old man in this site.
Football goat team
Tank you mens))) i assume you dont like matthaus because of his retarded personality. He is an absolute fucktard in the media. Like german maradona. Or just hate bayern dominance in germany.