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German Hungarian Russian Ukranian English a bit Polish (a little bit similar to Ukranian)
Greatest country?
AP English
The situation in Germany look not really better compared to other countries, I wrote once a really decent essay, the theme of this essay was the cold war and the power of influence relating to the col...
Best anime soundtracks
Tokyo ghoul unravel
The USA can't in education
Wenn ein Syrer deine Tochter vergewaltigt dann sei bitte lieb und zeig die ängstliche Toleranz weiter Du Idiot der hasst uns, vielleicht bist du nicht able to check it out, aber mach deine verfickten ...
Du bist einfach ein dummer türkischer Hund, der in Deutschland geboren ist, hasst aber trotzdem das Land. Hätte ich nur ne Chance gehabt, euch Kanaken rauszuschmeissen, wärst du schon längst bei deine...
I rate Ur life
GE s1mple male Germany/Hungary BBQ and Italian food
Masters in germany
Frankfurt is shit, fucking drug city with refugees that give 0 fucks about behavior Go better Munich or Berlin( if u don't have much money) Berlin is a bit depressed city filled with russians and pol...
Ukraine topics
the only thing that poland can get is my toilet that needs to be cleaned
xyp9x girlfriend
what's wrong with him?
I've got a real problem, I fucked up my marks, with 3.0 or something u have in Germany literally 0 chances to get a place in University, gg life
X & 6IX9INE opinion
you all pretend you don't like him but actually, you hate him so much that u are ready either to eat your own shit with some cream on the top
i guess your iq
the only thing which doesn't exist is bosnia, nt serbia
English 2nd language
I can speak a way better than write something like an essay, I forget almost all the words I know and I start to think in German, Idk what actually the problem is but when I read I get 90% of words wh...