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suck my cock u stupid subhuman. maybe u should do all of us a favor and kys u fuckhead. u did mention some reasons, didnt explain them very well, and left out the most important part. and still u hav...
well u didnt fucking say that did u cunt stupid fuckhead kys
Valiance so SHIET
who the fuck gives a shit about some slavic motherfucking DMGs
Kamil Stoch
was kinda hoping he'd fail a little more so wellinger could stay on top but oh well. silver medal after gold medal, ill take it. richard freitag disappointing tho. and i dont think anyone will mess ...
Ginger Cunt
how come starladder invited fucking PalaCringeroySen and stuttering natu?
i know that, dumbfuck. i said ur reasons were crap and i gave u a better reason.
but if u were from poorland or BR it would explain so much
+1 he always shits on BR teams unless its one of the plenty of cases where he praises them. constantly saying SK is a worldclass team since 2016 ofc, but BRs only see what they wanna see.
tru kng probably wins a lot at local BR lans where he plays with his team of noname shitters now lol
Thorin + Autimatic
yeah. great. we can both probably see that, had thorin not made that joke, nothing woulda happened. that doesnt mean u can fault him for what happened. fucking kng is a moron and its his own fucking f...
Thorin + Autimatic
it takes two to tango? so if i stab you for no reason the judge will go well albert, it takes two to tango so ur goin to jail as well. nah dude that logic doesnt apply to everything. and as i alread...
Thorin + Autimatic
dont make the mistake of blaming KNGs stupidity on thorins tweet. and to think that some people actually go as far as to say that thorin sat there one day thinking "hmm what can i say to trigger this ...
Thorin + Autimatic
"yet he's an enormous cunt for some reason on twitter," that is if ur incredibly easily offended. otherwise its just some banter. he even marks it with :> not to mention that he doesnt shittalk all t...
Thorin + Autimatic
think about thorin what u want, but this is great content and i dont think theres anyone in the cs scene that could do the same work.
why doesnt it work to have A on top of B? ur arguments arent very good. and actually i agree with u that nuke is a flawed map from the start, but for a very different reason: the stupid sound in csgo...