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I literally just gave you a bunch of statistics to prove to you that they are In fact not playing bad at all. Do you speak English? And yes You are comparing benzema to messi by saying RM plays Like G...
You’re blind and I guess they don’t teach math in your country because you don’t know that 41-9 = 32 and you also don’t know that 2 is a higher number than 1. Lmao believe it or not 2 assists from a g...
I don’t really care ab either teams tbh but you can’t deny Barca is the better team rn. I mean we are talking about a NINE goal difference in the league and they have the best player in the world. Not...
Hazard changed everything? He has one single assists while a goalkeeper has two lol. RM are good at moving the ball? Two weeks ago they won 2-1 to Alaves where only their defenders scored. No magic? M...
Barca has a lot more goals in la liga and as well as being first in their group in Champions league while RM is not. I’m not even a Barca fan but how could you say RM is in better shape? Barca’s goalk...
Country with sexiest womens
Very true
Your cellphone model?
best 1.6 player
If you don’t think f0rest is a contender...
What if ZywOo leaves Vitality
You just took me back to those good days. It’s fkn crazy now much changes in 5 years
would you date
I enjoy having a leftist gf, brothers. Think about it this way and this way only, you are right in every single argument. There you go
is it ok to be gay?
No homo but you’re absolutely an ignorant child
Best player from your country?
God bless you brother haha
Best and worst hltv users from your country
Right here brother!
favourite english word?