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S1mple Vs. Device
All this is self evident and anyone with a brain knows s1mple is better than dev1ce. It's trendy to hate s1mple though on this forum and discredit his individual performances due to his personality.
delete one person from csgo scene
About gym, bulking
since your bulking and not cutting you only need around 180 or less grams of protein. As for your problem IDK are you gaining a lot of fat or?
Saying twitch emotes outside twitch
Ben Shapiro
le trolled xd owned le libtard xd
Mousesports 6 v 4
his hair represents his career- dead as fuck
kick taco already
exactly thats why all the people are complaining. I honestly think liquid could have took it all the way to three maps they just played awfully today
nah no excuses this major is just awful cause everything is a literal stomp. People don't wanna watch 2-0 after 2-0 after 2-0.
emilia hult is a
Scandinavian "FaZe"
Why are you taking my response so seriously? Surely this is just a thread for fun. You seem to be projecting your butthurt pretty hard for someone that makes a "lighthearted thread", especially bringi...
Scandinavian "FaZe"
k. You make a thread and expect a response then get upset when someone delivers one.
Scandinavian "FaZe"
or you know astralis is perfect the way it is and why fuck up something thats working? Danish players would be seriously downgrading to have to be playing with swedes.
I'm Disabled Person
petition to ban black1337
imagine thinking you're not a snowflake for being a trump supporter. You want someone banned because he hurt your feelings which is the textbook definition of what a snowflake would do. Also, loving t...