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Got a 58 on my essay
Essays suck. School is just for brainwashing kids
facts that ppl deny?
Man I already told you I don't care about lobbyists, their existence doesn't mean anything. Yeah some guys want to manipulate the oil market, does this tell how urgent climate change is? No. And I am...
facts that ppl deny?
Bro this just gave me the biggest laugh. Firstly I'm not even holding a position about conspiracy theories I'm just saying what's seems to be the case based on economic analysis. I also didn't say glo...
Star ladder format
yeah who goes where in the playoffs?
Star ladder format
only shows group stage
who cars
Vitality vs Renegades
hoping for a good game of cs
don't think hes annoying but title gave me a good laugh still +1
facts that ppl deny?
Oil literally has nothing to do with the property market. You don't even refute anything I said. So what if there are oil lobbyists? Still doesn't explain why you can get a 40 year mortgage in london ...
facts that ppl deny?
It aint a hoax, it's just not as urgent as is being pushed by the liberal elite. It's convenient for a global warming crisis to be imminent so the western world can make a big move against developing ...
send ur business plan
facts that ppl deny? he makes an interesting point
yeah that worked real well at the faceit major
1hp damage
Series isn't even over yet, you guys have a habit of going monkey mode a bit too early