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Celebrity deaths
In terms of being affected? None I think. It only affects me when people I know personally (family, friends or acquaintances) die. I might think something in the line "that´s unfortunate, I will not s...
Cs go skin sites
I am sure that there are exceptions, but many people (including myself) don´t use skins because they want to impress people. I actually prefer when no one bothers me during games about the skins I am ...
Cs go skin sites
And they don´t allow paypal withdrawals for now (they did in the past). I will only use them again when it´s possible...
Hatsune Miku Tattoo (01)
Yes plz... but do it in your forehead.
forZe vs Giants
ofc. Forze will win in OT...
Portugal come here
Ok. Never heard about it....
Portugal come here
I did bruh. What is that meme war you are talking about by the way? I don´t remember that... maybe I am too young in HLTV... Still.. no.. you are not getting the portuguese gold back XD
Cobblestone back to map pool?
It has to be an error... D2 out for Cobblestone? Wouldn´t make any sense..
forZe vs Giants
No mens… even if I´ve never cared about fox (and his cringe portuguese following even less) I have better things to do ;-)
Portugal come here
I know mens:))). Didn´t you get it from my reply? I though the lol and :D would be enough to be noticed... (but still, I am waiting for newer memes about Portugal :D).
forZe vs Giants
TBH this kind of games are not even worth my time. There are more fun things to do besides watching a T20 team playing against a T200 team... like watching paint dry on a wall.. XD
forZe vs Giants
Major Chelas 2020 inc.
Portugal come here
Of course not. Lol. It was technically ours and Brazil was a part of Portugal so... no.. you are not getting your gold back and.... after so many centuries we don´t even know where it is now.... that ...
forZe vs Giants
Looks like you have no love for your money.
forZe vs Giants
lol. Giants will be rekted...