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I thought they were referring to gaming addiction instead of just gaming and if you read the tweet they specifically say that it is to reduce the stigma around being trans and hopefully improve care.
[21+] Washed up
still labeled as a class 1 drug despite it obviously not being one, it is good to see it being legal in more states but would like to see it federally legal since states have had multiple problems wit...
angela merkel
The almost million I am referring to is from German government stats about the number of refugees/aslyum seekers that made claims and entered into Germany. Regardless of UN definition, German defined ...
angela merkel
The people from Syria were not economic migrants, they were asylum seekers/refugees
angela merkel
I would say the immigrant crisis is the main cause for most of her critics, letting in almost 1 million aslyum seekers in 2015 was insane. Not a fan of shutting down nuclear power either. Though the r...
angela merkel
The number of asylum seekers is down like 4x since 2015, i would say that letting in almost 1 million asylum seekers in 2015 was way too much for germany but to claim they are also all "Islamic soldie...
Mythic vs eUnited
Bc esl had not told them to turn off their streams in the past 2 games they had played for esl1, and esl even allowed them to stream in the last esl event they played in. For the admin to just spam "t...
ESL ?!??!
I agree with you that mythic should have made themselves more aware of the rules and that to not have knowledge of it is a little ridiculous (though esl let them stream last time they played in an esl...
ESL ?!??!
no you're right, it is in the rulebook that they reserve the right over the streams and only admin can stop streams. I just think that that admin could have not been so unprofessional about it just be...
Dignitas vs compLexity
rather watch the scorebot than watch esl's stream tbh
ESL ?!??!
what gets me is that the mythic team probs would have treated it differently if the admin didn't say that there was no one to talk to about it and kept spamming to turn off streams. What gets me is th...
ESL ?!??!
I understand that ESL has contracts to uphold with facebook but to tell the mythic team to stop streaming mid b03 bc the facebook stream is dead is extremely unprofessional. Now if they said that they...
Mythic vs eUnited
I don't see how their paycheck excuses what the admin did during a mid bo3 when mythic had streamed 5 games of the qualifier previously. The rules state that the admin has control of the streaming in ...
Mythic fans
While I don't like the spam on dazzle's twitter , dazzle was really dumb to repost that tweet when he just got a free win and saw first hand how unreasonable the admin was in the game.
Mythic vs eUnited
yeah to which the admin refused to talk to mythic during the game besides to turn off the streams. I don't think it would have been a big deal if they said before the game but to pull that mid bo3 is...