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Round over - Winner: T (5-0) - Enemy eliminated syrsoN killed HugoXD with awp syrsoN killed xajdish with awp syrsoN killed ZER with awp (headshot) syrsoN planted the bomb (1on3) syrsoN killed BENDJI w...
PACT vs expert
game reminds me of old nuke and how ct sided it was lmao.
PACT vs expert
expert have been playing so bad, hopefully PACT pick this up.
Valiance vs pro100
Round over - Winner: CT (15-13) - Bomb defused Flarich defused the bomb Flarich killed huNter with m4a1 Flarich killed Impulse with m4a1 Impulse planted the bomb (3on1) huNter killed def with ak47 LET...
WASD vs SuperJymy
Throw? WASD playing like trash on one of their worst maps. Superjymy always plays inferno.
possible but highly unlikely
No Quarter Cartel vs KPI
KPI played well vs kinguin hopefully they keep it up.
Kinguin vs aAa
aaa will get decent rounds since kinguin just got back to poland.
Imperial vs Syman
Round over - Winner: CT (8-8) - Enemy eliminated EspiranTo killed t0rick with usp_silencer (headshot) EspiranTo killed ArS with usp_silencer (headshot) EspiranTo killed flAme with usp_silencer (headsh...
NA MDL Match fixing
still not as rigged as asian or low cis games, so it's really not that hurtful to the scene.
NA MDL Match fixing
seems awfully coincidental that him and the family members with inside info bet around the same time, but he even admits to deserving the ban since he was working for esea. The match fixing is up for ...
NA MDL Match fixing
seems he knew of the matchfixing in the article, so hard to feel bad for him
I thought they were referring to gaming addiction instead of just gaming and if you read the tweet they specifically say that it is to reduce the stigma around being trans and hopefully improve care.
[21+] Washed up
still labeled as a class 1 drug despite it obviously not being one, it is good to see it being legal in more states but would like to see it federally legal since states have had multiple problems wit...
angela merkel
The almost million I am referring to is from German government stats about the number of refugees/aslyum seekers that made claims and entered into Germany. Regardless of UN definition, German defined ...