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Left handed choice
Rafael Nadal uses his left hand by choice. He is natural right handed but when he was young he was used to play against bigger guys, so he had to play tennis with a two-handed forehand and backhand. W...
MIBR vs Renegades
cant win against mibr with coach playing as standin
Is suicide a solution?
Yes, you should do this, no one can fail!!!
Tupac STILL TRASH!!!!!!
I totally agree. Good producers in hip Hop are Very rare... I also like Nujabes who is a japanese hiphop/jazz producer. You should check him. It seems you have some knowleagde in music. I dont. Just n...
Tupac STILL TRASH!!!!!!
what about J dilla and madlib? If you say they dont have music knowledge i dont know what to think
Which clutch will you always remember and from which player on which match?
for me this is the best one, so smart
Coldzera FAT AGAIN
i've noticed that too, fatzera is back
we are number 1! yeahhhh
techno music
charlotte is shit, i saw her 2 times and was by far the worst of the night, he was sharing the stage with dubfire both of the nights...
Cannabis + Tobacco
with the shit we have here you have to use tabacco...
Aug and Krieg
SG is almost the opposite of AUG, a diagonal to the left, but it is much more difficult to kill a walking enemy for example... but still easy to learn, i think it is more easy than AK
Countries to visit in January 2020?
Your best map.
Mirage. Im very good playing at the ladder room or catwalk, and when i am in T side i lurk in the top middle
s1mple final stats LUL
Tom Brady and Ronaldo has bad games sometimes, but in major final they will perform