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Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Boombl4's HLTV profile.

[DISCLAIMER] I'm not related to the real player Boombl4 (also called Boombitch).

Alternative IDs: darknight, Xantares

Male, 21 y.o, France.

Creator of many threads to offend people. I love to argue with s1mple fanboys.

#1 fan of ZywOo and neL.

I also really like kennyS, JasonR, woxic, Xantares, HiKo and draken.

Ranks done:
Silver 1 ¤
Silver 2 ¤
Silver 3 ¤
Silver 4 ¤
Silver Elite ¤
Silver Elite Master ¤
Gold Nova 1 ¤
Gold Nova 2 ¤
Gold Nova 3 ¤
Gold Nova Master ¤
Master Guardian 1 ¤
Master Guardian 2 ¤
Master Guardian Elite ¤
Distinguished Master Guardian ¤

Proud owner of a flip knife autotronic and some other cool skins.

ZywOo will be ahead of s1mple in 2019's HLTV TOP20, bookmark this...
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Sickest highlight from each player
Yeah his 1v4 on train is better imo
Congrats <3
suggest movies
I'll surely watch them both, thanks
suggest movies
I already liked her in blade runner 2049, but I think I just fell in love with her in this movie
suggest movies
yeah a few: the body, the invisible guest, forgotten, upgrade and the handmaiden. I've seen the rest and I like them all
suggest movies
damn I wrote my list without looking at yours but there are a lot of films I mentioned that you already mentioned before
suggest movies
snatch american history x predestination The prestige edge of tomorrow knives out memento
Well I was quite surprised that Na'Vi won "that much" points for placing first (and struggling to do it) at a tournament with smaller teams, so maybe HLTV gives every RMR tournament the same amount of...
Vitality will not be #1
Yeah but the more time passes since the last good results, the less points the teams will have. G2 probably started losing points from their ESL Road to rio performance, and Vitality's results are ver...
BIG might just take the #1 spot on the ranking, since they're only 170 points below Na'Vi It will probably be : 1. BIG 2. Vitality/Na'Vi (idk how many points vita will win after a 2nd place) 3. Na'Vi...
LOL french teams.
Yeah, player break is much needed, I hope this malediction can end soon
Vitality will not be #1
Na'Vi from winning the WePlay! Clutch Island tournament, and vitality from winning matches and go 2-0 in groups (they didn't win a lot of points but they were only 6 points behind G2 so it was enough ...
LOL french teams.
Yeah that's actually depressing, in 2020 5 finals played by G2 and Vitality, but they won none of them
They'll probably get around 200 points, so yeah it means top 1 for BIG !!!!