Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Boombl4's HLTV profile.

[DISCLAIMER] I'm not related to the real player Boombl4 (also called Boombitch).

Alternative IDs: darknight, Xantares

Male, 21 y.o, France.

Creator of many threads to offend people. I love to argue with s1mple fanboys.

#1 fan of ZywOo and neL.

I also really like kennyS, shox, JasonR, woxic, Xantares, HiKo and draken.

Ranks done:
Silver 1 ¤
Silver 2 ¤
Silver 3 ¤
Silver 4 ¤
Silver Elite ¤
Silver Elite Master ¤
Gold Nova 1 ¤
Gold Nova 2 ¤
Gold Nova 3 ¤
Gold Nova Master ¤
Master Guardian 1 ¤

Proud owner of a flip knife autotronic and some other cool skins.

ZywOo will be ahead of s1mple in 2019's HLTV TOP20, bookmark this...
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