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worst pro ever
Shara was a lad
It's actually exactly like a Strawberry Banana Milkshake, awesome taste. If you like milkshakes, you would definitelly love it with milk!
Hype Sauce/Bahama Mama with Water Strawberry Banana with milk
Is Billie Eilish a heroin addict?
just wait for the autopsy report in a few years. It will tell us what she overdosed with
Sad news
imagine getting fucked by someone who can't see his own dick
well, you don't have the biggest competition for that title if we take a look at the competitors
to be fair, dupreeh is acutally pretty insane with the AWP and 1:1 aim maps doesn't really reflect the skill of a player in an 5v5 environment. Still Guardian is washed up
Due to the fact that Jupp Heynckes is pretty old already and not getting younger they should freeze him up in their HQ and thaw him every time they need him in a crisis.
Why shroud is so popular streamer?
He's pretty damn good in every FPS he touches. And he's pretty chill to watch (some people might call it boring instead of chill) but for me that's nowadays pretty rare to find a big streamer who isn'...
so is VW's history... The cars are the fastest and most expensive for sure, doesn't mean, they are the best and most reliable. If people would think rational what they should buy to get the best price...
yea and they belong to VW, so does Audi
GG EG, well played
Crowd absolutely goes insane Hope every tournament will be in turkey in the future
cadiaN hoodie
well, i guess you can tell 100% :D
cadiaN hoodie
Faze Players are also wearing Faze Merch often. On that pic i don't know if you can tell 100% that this isn't Merch of Faze Clan
kioShiMa matchfixing?
yea :D