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+1 UK was a mistake
premature ejaculation problem
Why everyone topic on hltv is about sex. I already get bullied by my siblings for being virgin talk about cs or something else ffs
[18+] The Hottest chick ever ? Rate her
Girl had sex at 12
Wait this is perfect you can blackmail her into becoming a hooker working for you with that if you are smart
GiannisGODtop1 Trust the process Last isnt even a question
[18+]should i do it?
I wish I would have a girlfriend or atleast some female in my life
This is like telling a blind man that he gets his vision back when he reads this book
Ban internet access in the UK
Leisure - check statistics Government - obviously subjective but from a neutral point of view you would compare the economic,social and political situation before your government got elected and after...
smooyaCSGOD or s1mple?
Meme island on its best HAHAHAHA
Ban internet access in the UK
Also forgot health-care and crime rate
Ban internet access in the UK
Leisure - germany Government - germant Weather - germany Welfare - germany Infrastructure - germany Inventions - germany Sports - germany Geographical location - germany Industry - germany Educatio...
Ban internet access in the UK
Proof for my thesis from #12
Strongest Militaries in europe
Germany military is a joke honestly think at this point we would loose a war against poland
Ban internet access in the UK
Uneducated brit doesnt know his country has higher muslim population than mine
Ban internet access in the UK
We have the wealth and population to build a superior and more modern army than both the UK and france. But our government realized there is no need to waste billions on a 90% inactive military and sp...