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same do tell
Hair thinning on side of head
see a fcing doctor thats what they are for.. i had serious hairfall since last year and hv been doing treatment since 2 months i hv to say my hair is growing back... ezpz
Oral s*x
girls hv too much requirments man like clean shave and must smell gud.. but when u do it to her she dont care its smells like roten fish.. unfair world we live in.. we camt even complain
Fragsters vs LeftOut
my ansestors from eu .. like 4 gen before .. so i am more white then 90% indians
Fragsters vs LeftOut
wow a black player really a rare thing to see in cs ... good luck to him .. but ez scrim
2ez vs Slaughter Rage Army
very ez
forsaken dead
damn it.. in the heat of the comment.. its suppose to be 'i would'nt beat him or anything' here u go
forsaken dead
if i had a chamce to go to the airport. i would beat him or anything.. but i would surely strike with bunch of people (basically like vegans) and humiliate him publically
unless optic knew its the end of indian cs... bye guys it was great time with u all
Revolution vs OpTic India
lol forsaken hacks.. gg
Revolution vs OpTic India
its china stream bro they dont do that their
Revolution vs OpTic India
lol well i hope the whole team plays this time
FrostFire vs OpTic India
so their server went down now they need to reset everything wow.. china cs
FrostFire vs OpTic India
keep delaying
fnatic vs mousesports
3 months no pro games how is he highest rated lol.. btw i am a fan following him since 2k14