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x6tence vs Baecon
Never ever. sAw Giants Baecon eXploit OFFSET FTW But to be real, the last results of Baecon, eXploit, FTW and GTZ Bulls are so close that you can't get right ranking at the moment. MLP will tell us...
x6tence vs Baecon
6th best team? Don't say any bullshit. It's the third best team in Portugal.
Tricked vs sAw
It's default time. It can be changed, and it will be changed sooner or later for sure.
Tricked vs sAw
Could be DreamHack Qualifier, but I know it was on Inferno. (I think it was CS Summit with the problems in saw's stream)
SKADE fe vs Giants fe
The mix team got caught streamsniping so Giants got another chance and won vs Izako Boars fe 2-0
BIG Academy vs FTW
Difficult for FTW but if they can play on their highest level and have some good maps for this BO3 they can take it. Over 2.5 Maps for sure
Baecon vs Nexus
Mucha can add himself the stream. But I think he didn't saw that the game was up on HLTV as it was added some minutes before the start of the game.
sAw vs AVEZ
ex-SMASH vs sAw
The fan is always the sixth player my friend.
ex-SMASH vs sAw
He is the motor of the team.
OG vs sAw
That's because sAw is the 5th best team in the qualifier (if you rank it with the HLTV Ranking) And the seed was made with the HLTV Ranking.
lvlUP vs Blink
Mostly of them are from kosovo. Why isn't the flag on HLTV yet?
Movistar Riders vs AGO
Du hesch e gueti beschriebig vo en albaner gmacht aber ned vo ne portugiese. Ich respektier d schwizer (die vo eus respektiere) aber dich cha me gar net bruche. Mer portugiese hemme eus guet ad schwi...
Movistar Riders vs AGO
chasch jetzt nüm schwizerdütsch rede? Was für em dumme schwizer. Ohni eus, würdet ihr kei strosse mehr ha. Ohni eus hetet ihr ned die lebensqualität wie ihr jetzte hend.